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Mallinckrodt States its Position on Legacy Acthar® Gel Legal Matter

- Original action filed in 2012, prior to Mallinckrodt's ownership of Acthar Gel
- Company strongly disagrees with substance of complaints and sensational characterization of allegations


April 30, 2019

Recently a  legacy legal matter stemming from allegations filed against the prior owner of  Acthar® Gel became public, and recent news stories have conveyed  those allegations. The company believes it is important to state its position  on this matter.

The U.S.  Department of Justice (DOJ) elected to join an existing civil False Claims Act  case against the company, which has been unsealed by a court in the Eastern District  of Pennsylvania. The original action was filed in 2012, prior to Mallinckrodt's  ownership of Acthar Gel, and consists of two complaints filed by former  Questcor employees. Questcor was the previous owner of Acthar Gel. The  allegations pertain principally to legacy Questcor conduct.

Importantly, Mallinckrodt  strongly disagrees with the substance of the complaints and the sensational  characterization of the allegations.

Mallinckrodt  has cooperated fully with the DOJ in its review of this historical conduct,  voluntarily providing documents and information to the government.  While we are disappointed the DOJ has elected  to proceed with the lawsuit, we have been in advanced settlement talks with the  government over the past several months.

The company believes these sales and  marketing claims are likely to be resolved in the near term through ongoing  negotiations, and further believes a resolution that is reasonable and manageable  for all parties is achievable.

As the lawsuit  principally concerns allegations of legacy conduct prior to Mallinckrodt's  acquisition of Acthar Gel, the company does not envision any impact to how  Mallinckrodt conducts business today.

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