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The newly independent Mallinckrodt Pharmaceuticals is a start-up with a strong legacy. Behind us is a long record of growth and innovation. Ahead is a future that promises even more. To realize it, we need people ready to dream, invent, take appropriate risks and blaze a trail. Want the freedom to act? Start now.

Career Areas

Whichever team you join, our culture will help you shine.

Career Areas

Step up. Explore ideas. Find better ways to do things. By taking personal responsibility for the success of our ambitious specialty pharmaceuticals and medical imaging business, you’ll really make a difference.

  • Business Operations
  • Clinical Affairs
  • Environmental Health & Safety
  • Manufacturing Science & Technology
  • Marketing & Sales
  • Medical Affairs
  • Quality
  • Regulatory Affairs
  • Research & Development
  • Students & Recent Graduates
  • Supply Chain - Global Transportation
Business Operations

Being part of an organization that's creating its own destiny is priceless. Each of the functions in Business Operations will have a huge impact on how successful we become.

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New Business Operations Jobs
    Clinical Affairs

    By developing products that provide clinical benefits across the globe, Clinical Affairs drives growth across the business. This is where we direct and manage Phase 1, 2 and 3 clinical studies to support product registrations.

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    New Clinical Affairs Jobs
      Environmental Health & Safety

      EHS works globally to protect our people, our workplaces and our communities. The team members oversee radiation protection, environmental protection and health & safety in our plants and offices.

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      New Environmental Health & Safety Jobs
        Manufacturing Science & Technology

         An array of complex scientific processes. A huge range of products. The relentless pursuit of innovation. Uncompromising standards. 

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        New Manufacturing Science & Technology Jobs
          Marketing & Sales

          Deliver long-term, above-market sales and earnings growth. Build on current net sales of over $2.2 billion.

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          New Marketing & Sales Jobs
            Medical Affairs

            Commercializing our products and making sure our customers - both patients and physicians - know how to access and use them safely and appropriately. That's the job of Medical Affairs.

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            New Medical Affairs Jobs

               All our products come with peace of mind. Vital when they have to swiftly relieve pain or accurately diagnose a life-threatening illness. No wonder quality is one of our core values or that we have such a strong Quality record.

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              New Quality Jobs
                Regulatory Affairs

                Guiding new products to global approval. Keeping all our approved products in step with the world's ever-changing regulatory requirements.

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                New Regulatory Affairs Jobs
                  Research & Development

                  R&D is our engine for growth. Shaping ideas into safer, better technologies to reveal and relieve disease, it makes sure our product pipeline is strong.

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                  New Research & Development Jobs
                    Students & Recent Graduates

                    Many of our larger sites like St. Louis, Webster Grove, Maryland Heights, Raleigh; Cincinnati; Hobart, Dublin; Montreal and; Petten run internship programs.

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                    New Students & Recent Graduates Jobs
                      Supply Chain - Global Transportation

                      It's not just the number of international container shipments we handle a year - around 2,500 by sea and 1,500 by air - that makes our work here so challenging.

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                      New Supply Chain - Global Transportation Jobs

                        Careers by the numbers

                        Learn About Us

                        We reveal and relieve disease for a healthier world.

                        Learn About Us

                        In July 2013, Mallinckrodt Pharmaceuticals became an independent, publicly traded, $2.2 billion company. We're now driven by a new energy, led by highly motivated people and ready to build on a name that's synonymous with quality, integrity and service.

                        Imagine tomorrow: Our Employment Vision

                        Our vision as an employer is to be the natural home of resourceful, enterprising people who are never afraid to ask "what if?" and "why not?" The more our people use their initiative, and the more wholeheartedly they collaborate to make changes, improvements and progress, the more effective we will be at providing patients with quality products that help create a healthier world.

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                        Build on yesterday: The History of Mallinckrodt


                        Mallinckrodt computer system

                        Installs the first computer system aimed at servicing Mallinckrodt customers – the RCA 301 with 40KB of RAM. See jobs in Information Technology.

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                        Discover Why Mallinckrodt

                        You’ll build your career as well as our business.

                        Discover Why Mallinckrodt

                        It’s an exciting time to be here. Our independence means we are now solely responsible for driving our own strategy, making changes that will help us work smarter and collaborating to achieve amazing things.

                        Meet Our People


                        EMEA ERP Implementation Controller
                        Prague, Czech Republic

                        I’m here to help build a completely new finance structure in Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA), lean and efficient. We all have the future of a great company in our hands. And I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to create an efficient finance team in the region and help shape the new organization. A big part of that will be successfully implementing Oracle EnterpriseOne (E1) in EMEA finance, a tool that will allow us to build and expand our Information Technology solution to fit the needs of the business.

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                        How does your recruitment process work?


                        Our recruitment process may vary slightly from country to country, but broadly these are the steps. 

                        • The recruitment process starts as soon as you apply
                        • Either the hiring manager or a recruiter will review your application and decide whether your skills and experience match the role
                        • If they do, we’ll contact you by phone or email and probably schedule an initial phone interview 
                        • If both sides are still interested after the phone interview, we’ll set up face-to-face interviews – usually a series of one-on-one interviews with the hiring manager, key members of the team and a few of your peers
                        • We’ll let you know the outcome after the face-to-face interviews whether we decide to make you an offer or not 
                        • If we do want you on board, we’ll put together an offer and send it to you for review
                        • If you accept, you’ll need to complete a drug test and go through a background check
                        • Your start date is generally the start of a new week and set for two to three weeks from your acceptance date

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                        Explore Our Locations

                        We’re helping to improve healthcare all around the world.

                        Explore Our Locations

                        We’re already a global healthcare leader. And we plan to continue expanding internationally too – particularly into emerging markets. So whether you want an inspiring role close to home, or to explore opportunities farther afield, there’s a good chance we’ll have something to interest you.

                        Nearby Location

                        Nearby Location

                        Careers by the numbers